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BALLISTOL Sportsman's Oil Firearm Lubricant - (1) One Gallon Can

Price: $99.95
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Item Number: bal-gal
Manufacturer: Ballistol
Manufacturer Part No: bal-gal
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Ballistol Sportsman's Oil Gun Cleaner/Lube 1 gallon can

BALLISTOL dissolves traces of lead, copper, zinc, brass, and tombac, which are used to make projectiles and jackets for them. Residues of these metals will remain in the bore of any firearm as a result of shooting jacketed or unjacketed lead projectiles.

The use of BALLISTOL minimizes the need for scraping or brushing the bore. Just pour or spray enough BALLISTOL into barrel and chamber, turn the firearm around several times to allow BALLISTOL to reach all parts and let it act for a while. Due to its alkaline character, BALLISTOL is ideal for cleaning and maintaining black powder firearms. The residues from black powder in chambers and bores are acidic. BALLISTOL neutralizes and dissolves them. This eliminates the need for aggressive solvents.

Using BALLISTOL to maintain wooden gun stocks is particularly recommendable in climates with frequent rain and/or high relative humidity. Wood absorbs water and swells as a consequence. This may mean your stocks become bigger, wider and longer as they absorb more and more water. Before long they will no longer fit your gun or even crack. BALLISTOL will also prevent wood from drying out in hot arid climates.

BALLISTOL is a far better lubricant than most, if not all, other so-called gun oils. One of the worst sins of most common "gun oils" is that they gum up and harden relatively fast. They become sticky and gluey and can dangerously interfere with the proper mechanical function of a firearm. BALLISTOL WILL POSITIVELY NEVER GUM UP OR HARDEN.

For hand loaders: BALLISTOL is an excellent case sizing lubricant. Cases won't get stuck in the reloading dies and when you wipe them off, they will be cleaned of dirt and oxide.

Most lubricants do not mix with water. They separate from water and thus lose their capability to lubricate in the presence of water. Not so with BALLISTOL. BALLISTOL emulsifies with water and is, therefore, capable of lubricating in the presence of water, like a boring or cutting oil. BALLISTOL can also be applied to things that are already wet, even soaked, including plastics, wood and leather.


 Ballistol is an ORM-D Consumer Commodity and must be shipped by ground. We ONLY ship to US addresses.

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