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Barrel Threading Service for Rifles

Price: $110.00
Item Number: RBRL


Misc Labor Charges (Contact Dan For Info)

Rifle Barrel Threading Service


This is a service offer to thread your barrel.
No parts are included in this service.

The photos are examples of our work.

We thread your barrel to the thread pitch requested.

The threading process is single point threading on a commercial lathe, concentric to the bore

Typical thread sizes are  1/2"x28, 5/8"x24, 11/16"x24, .578"x28, etc...

The shoulder behind the threads is what a suppressor or other muzzle device aligns itself against.
There needs to be a minimum of .100" barrel diameter increase over the major diameter of the threads for a sufficient shoulder.  This is a non-issue for heavy varmint and bull barrels, since they are already larger in diameter.


  • 1/2-28 = .600" Shoulder Dia.
  • 9/16-24 = .6625" Shoulder Dia.
  • 5/8-24 = .725" Shoulder Dia.
  • 3/4-24 = .850" Shoulder Dia.

 A custom thread protector is included.
  Please include a note in the shipping box, with your name & return shipping address or a copy of your Grumpy's Guns receipt.

Send us just your barrel if possible. We will accept barreled actions, and complete guns. If you send us a barreled action or complete gun, there is a additional charge to remove and re-install the barrel. Some bolt action models we do not need to remove the barrel from the receiver. Call about your specific model.

No Mini-14 or Mini 30, AK-47, SKS, Mosin Nagant

Complete guns or extremely heavy or large items, may require additional shipping fees.
e ship to US states, except where prohibited by law.


Please include a note in the shipping box, with your name & return shipping address or a copy of your Grumpy's Guns receipt.

Turnaround time varies based on current workload, but will usually be finished and shipped  within 14 business days from the day we receive your barrel. If you would like to confirm the current turnaround time, please feel free to contact us prior to your purchase. 

 If you are in the Dallas - Ft Worth TX area, you may drop off / pick up your barrel.

Send your barrel to us at:

6601 Oldgate Lane
Arlington, TX 76002-5418

Do not have any reference to "guns" on the outside of the package.

Product Reviews

(104 Ratings, 22 Reviews) Average Rating:
big D (NW Fl) 2/5/2022 9:24 AM
Best compliment = Looks Like Factory!!! Fast turn around, Your da MAN!!!
Michael (TN) 12/11/2021 2:30 PM
Received a call from Grumpy's, my shipping container (bought at fed ex - tube) was torn apart, my barrel intact, no scratches. Verified work to be completed, received a trk# the next day of barrel completed and shipped. These guys are the real deal, fast turn around time...less than 2 wks! Absolutely awesome, thank you.
Outstanding Service!
Scott (Tennessee) 7/14/2021 11:56 AM
I sent my barreled action in to have the barrel threaded. I did not pad the action as good as i should have for shipping (my fault)and the trigger was broken when it arrived at Grumpys. Mr. Dan emailed me about the problem. He was able to find a replacement trigger group and repair the problem an STILL managed to thread the barrel and get it back to me in a about 2 weeks! I can not say enough good things about Grumpys. I would not hesitate to use them again! Great service and a job well done. Thank you Mr. Dan.
Best service by far
Jorge R (TX) 4/10/2021 8:49 PM
If I could rate higher than 5 I would. First rate service, was quoted for a certain turnaround time and was completed and delivered faster than expected. Not sure why he’s called grumpy because mr.Mulder is a super stand up guy and super knowledgeable to boot. I hope he took a liking to me because I plan on sending lots of projects his way. Thanks for the awesome work grumpy, I’ll definitely be using your service again soon.
Great work at a fair price
Ken H. (TX) 2/10/2021 5:29 PM
Dan did really great work on threading 3 different barrels for me so far. The turnaround time was quicker than what I expected and faster than originally estimated. I was very pleased with the quality and was very satisfied. Especially with how quickly he sent me back the Marlin 70P barrel. I was blown away how quickly I got that back, and it looks great! I would highly recommend Grumpy's services and I will at some point be getting more threading done and Dan is the man that I will be contacting to do the work. It will be done right, it will be reasonably-priced, and the turnaround time will be excellent. Give Grumpy's a try, you'll be glad you did!