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Barrel Threading Service for Lever Action Rifles

Price: $199.00
Item Number: LvrBrl


Lever Action Rifle Barrel Threading Service
Colt, Marlin, Rossi, Winchester, Mossberg etc.
*** We can thread most Henry Rifles, call to discuss you particular model.

Call to ask about your specific model.
Please include a note in the shipping box, with your name & return shipping address or a copy of your Grumpy's Guns receipt.

Questions? 817-821-8999  Dan

So many variables such as barrel diameter, sight location and attachment method, barrel band locations, mag tube design, etc, make it nearly impossible to thread every model and caliber.  The manufactures have made many changes over the years and are constantly revising designs.  Please call to discuss your particular gun and have your model number available. Shortening the barrel on some lever guns is not possible due to barrel band and mag tube designs and limitations.

This is a service offer to thread your lever action barrel and make a custom thread protector.

The photos are examples of our work.

We thread your barrel to the thread pitch requested.  We shorten the mag tube to match the barrel if needed.  If the sight needs to be relocated and is held on with a screw, we can drill / tap new holes. If the sight is in a dovetail, we cannot relocate it since we do not have a way to mill a new dovetail.

The threading process is single point threading on a commercial lathe, concentric to the bore.

Typical thread sizes are  1/2"x28, 5/8"x24, .578x28


The shoulder behind the threads is what a suppressor or other muzle device aligns itself against.
There needs to be a minimum of .100" barrel diameter increase over the major diameter of the threads for a sufficent shoulder.


  • 1/2-28 = .600" Shoulder Dia.
  • 9/16-24 = .6625" Shoulder Dia.
  • 5/8-24 = .725" Shoulder Dia.

We are an FFL w/ SOT (CLASS 3) dealer, so you can ship us any type of firearm and/or muzzle device.

Free shipping is no longer possible without raising our prices, because UPS, FedEx and USPS keep raising their rates.
  Our shipping fees have more than doubled in the past year.

Extremely heavy or large items, such as hard cases, may require additional shipping fees.  We ship to US states, except where prohibited by law.


Turnaround time varies based on current workload, but will usually be finished and shipped  within 3 weeks from the day we receive your gun. If you would like to confirm the current turnaround time, please feel free to contact us prior to your purchase. 

Please include a note in the shipping box, with your name & return shipping address or a copy of your Grumpy's Guns receipt.


 If you are in the Dallas - Ft Worth TX area, you may drop off / pick up your gun.
Drop off or Send your gun to us at:

Dan at Grumpy's
6601 Oldgate Lane
Arlington, TX 76002-5418

It is getting increasingly difficult for individuals to ship firearms.
UPS is now your only choice shipping firearms
since FedEx will only ship if you are an FFL.
Currently UPS will allow a non-licensed person to ship to an FFL.
You must ship through the UPS Depot, not one of the UPS Stores. They are independently owned / contracted and they are not UPS Corporate.

It is illegal for a non-FFL to ship a handgun via USPS. Long guns are acceptable with USPS.
Do not have any reference to "guns" on the outside of the package.

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Very Impressed
Drew H (Ohio) 9/27/2021 12:29 PM
I sent my Henry 45-70 out for Grumpy's barrel threading service and I am extremely impressed. The threads align perfectly with my suppressor, the thread protector looks like it was factory made with the gun. I will definitely be sending my next Henry rifle out to Grumpy's when I get it. I cannot recommend this service enough. I got my rifle back in less than two weeks!
A great find and superb service
J. Brown (Central Florida) 10/29/2020 4:43 AM
The customer service at Grumpy Guns is above and beyond. When I first contacted Dan, he fully explained the options and what was necessary to have the barrel of my Henry H001 22 threaded. I shipped the rifle to him and within what seemed to be a couple of days I received notification that I was receiving a package from Grumpy Guns. The work was excellent. I sent him a brand-new rifle fresh out the box and he returned it the way he received it. The thread protector appeared to have been made when the rifle was manufactured, and the tolerances were perfect. I was so impressed with Dans work that I sent him another Henry H001 which he returned with the same high-quality work. I’m already getting things ready to send him a Rossi Stainless Steel which I’m sure will look amazing.
Fantastic communication and craftsmanship
Charles Locke (North Carolina) 9/14/2020 12:02 AM
Dan was a pleasure to do business with. My Marlin 1894c had a shipping issue which caused additional postage fees to be due when it arrived to him (a month late). He paid that to take delivery of my gun and kept me updated on every step of the process and we worked out the details hassle-free. 5 stars on communication and integrity. The barrel chop and threading is immaculate, and my thread protector looks and feels awesome. So happy with how this gun turned out. And with an amazingly fast turnaround time. If you have a lever action and are thinking of having your barrel shortened and/or threaded, look no further than Grumpy's!
Great Work
Paul Corvin (TN) 1/23/2019 7:02 PM
Grumpy's has great customer service. Dan is very knowledgable. His work speaks for itself. If you are thinking about threading your lever gun, call Dan.