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Precision 1 oz Oiler Bottle with Needle Point Application

Price: $5.79
Item Number: OilerB1oz
Manufacturer: Misc. Manufactures

Precision Needle Point

Oiler Bottle


Did you buy Militec-1 or other lubricant in a large bottle??

Now you need something to easily & accurately apply it?

Or maybe you want to take a small amount with you to the range,

while hunting or anywhere else?


Here’s the answer!                             


High Quality

Pinpoint Accuracy

Leak proof - Oil & Solvent Resistant

Easy to Control, Metered Flow

This easy to handle, oval shape, 1 oz bottle provides a consistent,

small drop of your favorite lubricant,  like Militec-1, oils, etc…


It's great for firearms, knives, tools, machinery and anywhere else

 you want precision application.


A hollow steel "needle" accurately puts a drop of lubricant or solvent right

where you want it. This helps prevent over-lubrication, contamination and waste.


It’s made from treated high density polyethylene plastic and designed to resist

 breakdown from common lubricants and petroleum based solvents.


The threaded top features a lip seal inside and removable slip-on rubber cap.

Both caps seal tightly to prevent leaks.

Holds approximately 1 fl. oz. (30ml)


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